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Before Hussein founded DIVINE MACHINES, he was a manager at various IT companies and automation was his daily activity. After that, Hussein took on the position of teacher in secondary vocational education, where he was passionate and proud to teach IT and PROJECT MANAGEMENT.


He also entered the Academy of Physical Education at higher vocational education and subsequently specialized in nutrition and martial arts.


Hussein has been a fitness and nutrition, kickboxing and boxing trainer for many years. That is why he has the necessary know-how when it comes to achieving optimal mental and physical health.

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Before Jacinto founded DIVINE MACHINES he has been working in different fields where he gained a variety of experience.


For example, he acquired basic knowledge of nutrition in the kitchen where he worked for a while as a chef's teacher. He has also worked in the field of security and property maintenance.


In addition, Jacinto is very busy with sports and PT and especially in martial arts and fitness. Jacinto is someone who challenges himself, is open to further development from which new ideas may arise.



DIVINE MACHINES did not just come into existence, it is rooted in our friendship and shared passion for fitness and health. It all started about 15 years ago, when Jacinto and I met at the gym. We not only shared a love for sports, but also had that insatiable curiosity and the urge to find innovative solutions.

In 2019, Jacinto and I got into a fascinating conversation, where we wondered why there wasn't yet a vending machine that could make freshly mixed protein shakes on the spot, without having to wait for staff to use manual mixing. Just like you can get your favorite coffee with a coffee machine. It was this simple, yet powerful idea that laid the foundation for what would become DIVINE MACHINES.

From that conversation, Jacinto and I went on an adventure, looking for manufacturers and discussing how we could realize this idea and help gyms to serve their customers even better. This whole process came from a shared passion for fitness and our determination to make a difference.

And today, DIVINE MACHINES has become the tangible result of that effort and dedication. It has become a valuable partner for gyms and fitness enthusiasts across the country.


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